Toxic air affects 90% of the world’s population, according to WHO. 9/10 people are currently breathing-in toxic air. Oxygen intake peaks at the age of 20 and decreases with age. Around the age of 60, oxygen intake is only 40% as compared to its peak level. The long term effects of air pollution on a person’s health can range from breathing difficulties to severe cardiovascular issues, including heart disease, lung cancer and stroke. Oxygen deficiency in the short term will cause fatigue, headache, dizziness, restlessness and loss of memory. Harmful gases and particles in the air come from a range of sources, including exhaust fumes from vehicles, smoke from burning coal or gas, and tobacco smoke. A person can reduce the likelihood of health problems by checking the air quality in their local areas, being aware of any existing health conditions and to seek medical help immediately.


During Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), it dissolves oxygen directly into the body fluids and plasma, at a higher pressure (1.3ATA) than a normal pressure (1.0ATA). This promotes the transportation of more oxygen to each cell in the body. It is a simple, non-invasive and painless.

Treating Insomnia

Sleep disorder can be alleviated with HBOT.

Boosting metabolism

The more oxygen our bodies use, the more fat we will burn!

Decreases blood sugar

Suitable for the treatment of non-healing wounds of diabetics.

Mobilize stem cell

Only after one session, concentration of stem cells doubled. After 20 sessions, there will be an eight-fold increased in these rejuvenating cells!


OxyBoost regenerates and heal damaged cells. It will slow down the process of aging over the long term.

Stroke rehabilitation

Re-grow blood vessels and regenerate nerve cells.

Revitalization of the brain cells​

Ability to improve 20% of brain memory and helps transport more oxygen throughout the entire brain while stimulating the parasympathetic component.

what do my clients say!

The discomfort or irritation occurring from my pain of golfer’s elbow when I finished golf game, I tried many ways for remedy yet doesn’t seem to work for me. I researched and found that HBOT will possibly help. At TDL I took up the oxygen therapy, I completed my 3 months therapy, each time before or after golf, I go to my oxygen therapy, I feel good and the elbow pain doesn’t happen that frequency, also it enhanced athletics performance and endurance.
Mr. LK
Due to the high noise levels affecting and increased restlessness during my night sleep. During my sleep, I able to hear the vehicle sounds on the road is definitely making me tired. I started HBOT at TDL, each time of my therapy, I comfortably lying down inside the pressure chamber, just sit back and relax. After the therapy, I feel fresh and improve mental focus with the increasing the oxygen into my body to recover.
When I don’t have a good sleep at night and habitually, I sleep on one side unconsciously, I will feel my hand numbness and the feeling is disturbing for the whole day. At TDL, I started my HBOT, by inhaling compressed oxygen, it helps to comfort my nerve and my hand numbness gradually disappear. Always just the 1-hour therapy, I feel fresh and higher energy for my day.
Ms. WC

Top 5 reasons why athletes benefits from HBOT:

The elevated oxygen level helps athletes improve performance and recover more quickly after workout. More oxygen is delivered to the brain to facilitate brain function and enhanced an athlete’s abilities to make split-second decisions that could be a crucial factor in a game.

  • Enhanced Physical
  • Performance Better
  • Mental Clarity
  • Improved Sleep
  • Decreased Soreness after Physical Activity
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Heightened Energy

FDA recognizes HBOT as an effective therapy for several conditions, including severe anemia, osteomyelitis, arterial insufficiencies and more. Hyperbaric clients themselves have found relief for a range of conditions, including chronic migraines, PTSD, post-surgery recovery and post-sport healing. Athletic associations like the NFL employ hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of the recovery regime for its athletes. 

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