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EmoPill – A Personalized Music Therapy

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A customized musical therapy according to the client EmoWave® assessment and is deployed through the individual’s auditory senses. It is a proven method and non-invasive, and it does stabilize and rebalances your mental and physical wellbeing.

Listen to the EmoPill daily for 10-15 minutes, you will benefits for:

  1. Insomnia / Sleepless: EmoPill® guarantee overcome insomnia or sleep disorder and the ability to harmonize your physical wellbeing.
  2. Depression / Anxiety / Mental Health: EmoPill® proven to relieve from stress, anxiety, hyperactivity and other behavioural problems.
  3. Raise Intelligent: EmoPill® is also referred to as Emo-Meditation to entrain the brain for deep concentration, focus and relaxation.

The brain’s auditory receptors connect with the prescribed frequency sent via the customized EmoPill®, it will engage the brain to potentially create the state needed to help the person move towards the desired outcome. By listening to the customized EmoPill® on a daily basis, the individual can potentially enhance positive emotional attributes and neutralize or possibly even eliminate negative emotional consequences.

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