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Magnesium Oil 108

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MAGNESIUM OIL 108 (Ultra Pure Mineral Therapy)

Magnesium Oil 108, it is a natural substance that can be applied to the skin. Magnesium chloride, applied transdermally is the ideal magnesium delivery system with medical benefits unequalled in the entire world of medicine. Yet one does not need a doctor to prescribe or administer it.

Transdermal delivery of medicine is generally considered safer, more efficient, convenient and less painful than injection or IV’s.

For 250 millions years, this magnesium salt was protected at 1600 – 2000m deep in the interior of the earth as part of the ancient sea bed in Europe, pure and untouched until now. Magnesium Oil 108 is high quality grade Magnesium Chloride.

Magnesium Oil 108 is designed for holding the mineral on to your skin while the body absorbs the mineral for relief from aches and pains and other symptom resulting from mineral deficiency.


-for areas of concern – full strength or diluted. Gently rub Magnesium Oil 108 (full strength or 50/50 solution) into area of concern, repeat as necessary, Dilute Magnesium Oil 50/50 with distilled water for sensitive skin. Most effective after a warm shower. Apply on all cramps and sore muscles for quick relief.

Spray yourself: Put Magnesium Oil (full strength or mix a solution of 50% Magnesium Oil with 50% distilled water in a spray water. Spray your entire body. Let dry. We encourage all to become informed consumers.

Product supplier: Ancient Minerals 3069 XR Rotterdam Netherlands

Ingredients: Aqua, Magnesium Chloride [approx. 560mg of magnesium chloride per teaspoon (5ml). Contains no oil. (We call it an oil because of it’s texture and viscosity, it is actually a brine)

Product derived from old earth layers of natural concentrated crystallized sweater inn Netherlands.

CAUTION: Avoid direct contact with eyes and sensitive mucous membranes, as you would with any sea-salt solution. If you experience a slight, temporary stinging sensation, simple dilute the area with clean water.

This product is not intended to treat diagnose or prevent any disease.

125ml per bottle

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