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EmoWave Behavior Assessment

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EmoWave® is a comprehensive tool that introduces us into the realms of who we really are by extracting information from our VOICES. You see, our voices are a collection of frequencies that each vibrates accordingly and this is where information about us is embedded, containing both our conscious and unconscious identity.

EmoWave® takes the data from those frequencies and interpret it into a report that tells us the many aspects of our behaviors and characteristic.
Speak to the microphone for approximately 5 mins in any language. The system will capture the frequency triggers. Once your voice is recorded, it will then be uploaded into our software for analysis. Then, your EmoWave® report will be generated.
Who uses EmoWave?
Coaches, trainers, counselors, psychologists, HR specialists and educators.
EmoWave® is also for individuals on a journey of self-discovery and a desire to enhance one’s life.
In which areas EmoWave® is commonly used?
3 key industry utilizes EmoWave®.
  1. Human resource for recruitment, retention and promotion activities.
  2. Education, to help teachers to understand students learning style and assist to further their next education and career.
  3. Personal development within the wellness industry.

Include 45 mins personal consultation.

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